Designing and producing events that resonate
Make an impression with a celebration of creativity in all its forms. AMA event management specialises in tailor-made, interactive experiences, made possible through a unique collaboration of artists, engineers, musicians, and fashion icons. Technology meets art in our alternative approach to settings and installations, ensuring ultimate impact for a memorable outcome.


Connecting your brand with the power of social influencers
At the heart of every successful marketing strategy is the ability to tell a powerful story, engaging the grassroots communities that, through their affiliations and actions, help to create the brands of tomorrow. AMA weaves together years of marketing strategy, advertising and talent management experience to develop campaigns that resonate, both online and off, attracting audiences that will love your brand as much as you do.


Fusing art and technology in the digital realm
Immerse your clients in a luxurious multimedia environment with a variety of intuitive, cross-platform solutions, including video, photography, and hand-crafted custom software. AMA development specialists breathe life into the digital, turning every application into a work of art, and pulling back the curtain on a variety of critical engagement statistics. Enrich your online campaigns with interactive graphics, content, and a swathe of revealing analytics in a move guaranteed to enhance recognition and visibility.
Artist Media Agency
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